10 Super Creative Storage Ideas For Book Lovers

Book Lovers

Book lovers just keep gathering books from every stall, every now and then. But a time comes when they have no more space for new books, and they cannot discard the old ones.  This way a large mess and clutter can be seen around the bookworms. To clear this clutter and wash up some space you need to add more space solutions in your home. You have to think like a smart ass and damn creative book lover to save your books perpetually like a treasure.

We have brought you some super creative, smart and purposeful storage ideas to keep your books assembled and stored. Find below the 10 super crazy book storing ideas.

Books Can Make You An Adorable Décor

Books can give you an adorable décor, you can make an entirely smart yet antique book library all around glass work. Convert your hallway into a walking library. This way you can surprise your visitors and spell a charm on them. Books can make an entire wall in your home with a glass case in front of them. Imagine a scholarly house made up of entirely a book wall that will make the visitors jaw-dropped. Colorful, knowledge full and power pack of book lovers, these glass cabinet walls can make your house entirely up to another level.

Keep Your Story Books Near To Sleeping Place

Design a stunning table book case to keep it near to your sleeping place. Usually in kids’ rooms and teens who love to read books before sleeping you can have a roller book case made of trays to keep near bed. In fact the bed side table can be converted into a smart book space to keep story books.  Bed side shelving or some window wall can be made up above the bed so that your bed books can be kept there. These ideas are just for night readers to keep them near to your books when they go to bed for sleep.

Turn Your Table Space Into Bookshelves

Table lower basis can be used for making awesome book spaces. Glass tables can be converted into book tables creatively. Just do exactly what is advised below. Separate your table top from the base. Put your books creatively and smartly inside the space of base. Now return towards the table top, attach it with hinges and nails to the base just like a door. You can open your glass coffee table any time to read your favorite book with coffee. Many other table spaces can be converted into hidden book shelves so that you may feel clearing up the clutter any way.

Use Bar Carts Creatively

Carts are everywhere in our homes so that they keep us served with dishes and drinks. These carts can be used in an artistic way, cleverly to make you feel that you have saved your books. Also, these carts will be moveable from here to there so that you may feel hassle free to move your books. Instead of carrying a bundle of books from here to other carts can move even a larger amount than human hands and easily. Therefore, carts can be made moving book shelves for bookworms, who lie anywhere to read a book.

Convert Your Space Dividers Into Book Shelf

You must be having a space divider if your room is cozy but you have to share it with your siblings. Then convert your room partitions into book shelves. A very positive aspect of these room dividing book shelves is they are double faced. You can easily clean and easily face your books from anywhere of two sides. Also these book cases will serve the purpose of two, will just fill up the space of partition for you in between you and your space sharer. Therefore, for small spaces, these budget friendly storage solution ideas are no less than a blessing only if they are implemented wisely.  

Convert Abandoned Fire Space A Mini Library For You

Fireplaces are good spaces for storing old and well read books. Use your old, non-working and abandoned fire spaces for storing books and old stuff. Block the chimney, get your fireplace washed up, make book bundles and place them inside. You can also have a glass door for your fire space to keep stuff safe inside. This idea is equally applicable to all the new books too, just spray a little coating for termites in fireplace.

Make Your Closet More Purposeful

You can dedicate a part of your closets by making a partition inside them. Closets are your best friends, they make you ready for party, and cannot they take your books and save them for you? Yes, they can! Just make a fancy partition inside and watch your books inside resting in safe ambiance.

Use Creative Shelving For Books

Your bookshelves can be a super book keepers for you. Symmetrical shelves made of different designs and shapes can be placed anywhere even in the corners. These book spaces can make you love your books even more than before. Book cases made of different metallic elements are not just embellishments for your home like they just add looks. No, they add more space and keep your books showcased for you. Another good reason of having creative book shelves is they are seamless and do not occupy much space out of your living space.

Make Your Celling A Book Storage House

You can store a pretty good number of books inside your ceilings. Ceilings can be made purposeful storage solutions for books. A ladder can be attached to make a ceiling library inside your house. A seamless, hidden treasure space above your head storing all of your books inside is a celling library. Just ask the roof top professionals to make you enough space that you can put your books there. After it all the work credit are yours, make your library full of healthier and power pack books.