Air Conditioners- Your Comfort Partner

Air Conditioners- Your Comfort Partner

The world is increasingly moving towards luxury and comfort; thus, split system air conditioners or air conditioners are one of the most important parts of the comfort that one requires. The global temperature is increasing rapidly and thus cooling units are a must. For many places where temperature is excessively high, air conditioners are not a luxury but a sheer necessity. It is very important to maintain the machines like these which are very necessary for comfortable sustenance. Places which experience extremely high temperatures and humid climate require ACs nearly all-day round. Countries like Dubai are a best example of such situation. Thus, installation of ACs and their maintenance becomes mandatory in such places.

Air Conditioners- Your Comfort Partner


Maintenance And Care Of The Units

The air conditioners are not of one kind but of various types ranging from window to split and centralized cooling units in houses or hotels or any other commercial area. The centralized units are far more complex and require more attention and can also require professional help at times. The other types including the window ones that can be handled at home by using some DIY mechanisms.


  • The first and the foremost thing is to unplug the units and ensure that there is no electric flow.
  • The cover of the unit is to be removed at the first instance and the next comes the filter, which requires to be cleaned properly to ensure proper workings.
  • By removing the filter and the cover, the front coil of the unit would be exposed and then we need to undertake the actual process of cleaning.
  • Any cleaning spray must be sprayed on the coil of the air conditioner. Make sure that the cleaning agent is of good quality and is machine friendly, to ensure that it does not harm the system in any way. There are special sprays available in the market which are meant for this specific purpose and are easily available at any hardware store.
  • The filter that was removed at the first place is now to be cleaned. It can be cleaned using plain water and then dried for nearly 10-15 minutes. Many units lack this product and in some of the units the filter might be not in a proper condition. In such a case the replacement or installation of the filter is the best idea.
  • After the cleaning is done, it is time for assembling. Ensure that before assembling, the units and parts are properly cleaned and made free from moisture.
  • Assemble them back in place, leave them for about 10-15 minutes and then plug in the power in the air conditioner.


Please ensure that these steps are relating to a normal window air conditioner and thus the steps and requirement will vary with the kind of unit and their mechanisms. It should also be acknowledged that some issues of the system cannot be handled at home and might require a professional help. One should not hesitate to call up the service providers and it is also recommended not do undertake DIY cleaning if you are not so confident.

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How Often Should A Cooling And Heating Unit Be Cooled And How Heavy Is It On The Pocket?


It is generally advised that irrespective of the type of unit you have, inspection and cleaning should be undertaken once every year. It is very important that people take good care of the air conditioner. A proper and regular cleaning would bring down the costs to some extent. On an average it can generally cost you nearly $70- $120.

Air conditioning units are important part of any home and they must not be neglected. A proper and good care is a must.