Bathroom Wall Sconce Lighting Fixtures

Sconce lighting has a beautiful look and a unique feature that it remains fixed at a single place in the bathroom or any other area of your home. Due to its affixed nature to the wall, it used the only support from the wall and the light is usually travelling in the upward direction. It does not have a base on the ground that is why the bathroom wall sconce lighting fixtures often use an electric box to work as a modern electric light source. These are specifically known as the wall lights which are covered with glass.


Placement of Sconce Light

The sconce is used for several purposes, it can be used to hold a torch light or even a candle, but in the bathroom, it usually holds an electric bulb or an energy saver. They are not new in the homes, they have been used historically in silver color since the ancient times. This modern electric light fixture in the 21st century is used in the hallways, corridors and passages as well to provide ample light for the people. Often sconces are installed in pairs to give a balanced effect.


Why sconces add value to Design and Illuminate Your World?

Sconce lighting provides a high design element to the homeowners and a craftsmanship that is hard to match. People can choose from a myriad selection of sconces and imagine them to illuminate your bathroom like never before. A master sconce set for a bedroom or a bathroom is always available; if you are looking for a new sconce in the bathroom, the sconce provides something super nice to your elegant bathroom when you want to have something special for your guests.

The materials vary in prices according to their dimensions and sizes and the number of bulbs they hold. You can install sconce fixture in bathroom in various colors like black, brown, red, green, blue, yellow, pink or violet. The white color looks simple in the bathroom usually with gold and silver.


Different Styles and Types of Sconce Light

  1. A most popular type of sconce lighting is a swing arm sconce light with a hardwired light source. A bulb of often 100 watts is plugged into the sconce which is the source of light, the light source is ambient in this type of sconce. The shade material is metal and the light is not dimmable, which means a constant supply of permanent intensity light flows through the room walls.
  2. Bendooragh light flows up and down in both ways, this type of light is beautiful to the eye and creates a charming effect on mind. It also provide double light with two bulbs glowing up and downwards to provide balance to your bedroom or bathroom. Most people usually use it in the living or dining room, but a double light in the bathroom makes things more transparent and visible to avoid any chance of slippery. The two light wall sconce including a steel body and a glossy finish will provide a slim and tubular arm to hold the light bulbs. This supreme suite of sconce light illuminates the bathroom day and night.