Best Chandeliers for Dining Rooms

History of Chandeliers

Chandeliers are very gorgeous. One can easily convert a simple place into dazzling one by adding the chandeliers there. The history of chandeliers goes back to the medieval era. Basically, candles were the real source of light in a chandelier until the eighteenth century, then the gas lamps came and then the electric lights completely change the chandelier performance. The chandelier of the eighteenth century was purely used for light purpose and beauty as well, but the use of a chandelier is first for adornment purpose then for light. So, we can say that the basic purpose of a chandelier has changed from illumination to ornamentation. The modern form of chandelier which we see is due to the invention of a machine that could cut crystals precisely. Daniel Swarovski is known as the founder of this machine which was used primarily to make jewelry at first. It is the story of late 19th century.


Types of Chandeliers

Basically chandeliers are of same type according to their function, but if we talk about their styles, shapes, sizes and material then we will find many types. Their basic structure isĀ  like a hanging light fixture with branches that support several lights.

  • Modern chandelier shape like sputnik add an edgy, modern feel.
  • Caged chandeliers are made of up metals and shaped like a cage with lights in the middle.
  • Round chandeliers are commonly made of fabric or metal and look like a snare drum.
  • Beaded ones are made of strands of wooden beads, glass beads, or shells.
  • Glass chandeliers are made of glass and are available in several shapes and designs.
  • Crystal chandeliers are all time favorite due to their elegant style. They are made of dangling crystal prisms.

Prices of Chandeliers

Prices of chandeliers depend upon the sizes, styles, shapes and material from which they are made.


Dining Rooms and Chandelier

Chandeliers are best for adding the perfect finishing touch to a dining room with the right lighting. It is the place where you sit and enjoy your food with your family. So making it more beautiful with the chandelier is easy and cost effective. Just choose the chandelier, according to your budget and need.

You can make a grand gesture by choosing a large crystal chandelier full of ornate details and sparkling crystal accents to top off your room’s design. In modern homes, the layered teardrop glass pendant lights create a laid-back vibe with a touch of sophistication.

Consider the size, height, shape and color of chandelier for your dining room. Hang the chandeliers to a certain height so that they may not create any disturbance during dining time. I have discussed the major types of chandeliers above and believe me all the existing forms of chandeliers are lovely. Whether you want to give a romantic look to your dining room or a classic rustic look, the chandeliers can do that for you. So, the best chandelier for the dining room can be any, it totally depends on your choice. The main point which will make your dining room better is that the size of the chandelier should be one-half to three-quarter the width of the dining table.