Best Dry Erase Paint Walls

Dry erase paints are getting famous day by day. These are easily available in the markets. These paints are made of weatherable epoxies, polysiloxane modified epoxies, are the safest to use and from performance testing have the best ink release properties. Several benefits are associated with the dry erase paints, but here we are going to discuss them briefly.


Following are Some Properties of Dry Erase Paints

Dry erase ink is basically the same as permanent ink with the exemption that dry erase ink contains a surfactant that allows the ink to be removed easily with a micro-fiber cloth for a few days to a few weeks.

The dry erase ink is best for enhancing the workers’ performance of work. As, the coatings of Dry erase transform any substrate into a writable surface. The clear formula of dry erase coating allows it to take on any color without sacrificing aesthetic design.

If you are running a school, college or own an office or have small kids in your home, then the dry erase paints are awesome for you. Due to their easy to clean property they are a reason behind the cleanliness of walls.

Instead of using the sticky notes in your office for the important tasks of works you can simply use the dry erase paint on the walls for converting them into a giant board on which you can write whatever you want.

Dry erase paints are best for using in homes, because your kiddo will love to write on the giant wall and surely he will love to play by sketching some pictures there. If you have dry erase paint walls, then there is no need to worry about the designs and painting activity of your child or the designs made by your guest’s child.

Dry erase walls need to be cleaned on a daily basis with a soft damp fiber.

How to convert a wall into a Dry Erase Market Board

It is as simple as ABC I mean as simple as it could be. You can convert your wall easily into a dry erase marker board with the help of Dry erase paint. But you first need to discover one of the best dry erase paints for walls. As I have mentioned before that a plenty of options are waiting for you if you are looking for dry erase paint because the market is full of these paints. So you do not need to worry about finding a good one.

Just do some research on the internet. Participate in some discussion forums and ask your question about the best dry erase paint walls. You will quickly receive a very positive response and the people present there will share their reviews and will recommend you the one which they have tried and have found best. After getting the best erase paint for the wall, sand the wall until texture is smooth. Then apply the primer on the wall if needed. Then pour the activator into the paint and apply the mixture on the wall. Don’t leave the mixture for much time, use within an hour. It needs several coats about 6 to 7 to get the best result. Let the wall dry. After 3 to 5 days check out the new wall board and you will be happy to know that it will work.