Best ways to Create Door and Windows Draft Stoppers

If you have been planning to make the draft stoppers for a long time, then it is not a process very difficult or messy. Even if you don’t have the sewing machine, it is possible to create the door and window draft stoppers at home. Let’s get on with the making of draft stoppers immediately and first take a look at the things that you need.

What is Draft Blocker?

A window or door draft blocker or dodger is also known as the tubes made of fabric that are filled with insulating material to fix under windows or doors where most leaks are happening in the house. Creating drat is a fun and it takes less than two hours or even an hour to create it. It does not involve many heavy items to create it, it only needs the following items to successfully create the draft for doors or windows successfully.

Here are the List of Things You Need

Actually there is not much you need to install the door and window draft stoppers. First you need anything that is slim enough to fit under your door and also capable of keeping you warm. The professionals recommend that you use the fleet blanket to keep them warm. They also need scissors, a piece of strings and another large piece of scissors.

The Installation Instructions

Fold the blanket in the middle and measure the breadth of your door. Keep the space about 5cm extra and mark your blanket.

Now take the scissors and cut; fold again and mark half of the door depth on all sides, put at least four marks. Then roll it up to the mark on the other side. Create a hole by using the scissors at the imaginary line between the marks and attach the first string. Then attach the second string in the second hole.

The air will get into the draft, therefore you need to turn the blanket down upside down. Now two more holes can be added close to your door that is a healthy sign for the door which was marked as 6a.

Now you can go ahead and roll the blanket up and fix it with the strings; many experts recommend using two on the both sides and it worked fine. Congratulations, you finally made it and successfully created a door draft supplier. Now it is time to put the new air draft stopper under the door. A good idea is to close your door and keep the things warm, the draft is helpful that also helps to wipe the dirt off your floor and keep passages clean.

Some Important Instructions

The installers can take care of a few things by following the instructions; you better install it by adding four inches to the width of your window. Always cut the fabric four inches tall if the window is small or large, the window size does not matter here. Another instruction you can follow is to fold the fabric in half lengthwise so if the edges are long, they could touch each other.