Cost of a Glass Shower Door

Glass shower doors are a better way to enhance the look of your bathroom and to keep the sprinkles of water in the bathing area. The cost of shower doors is totally depends on the type of shower doors which you are going to buy. Your bathroom needs to be clean all the day and night because it is the most important part of your home. If you will keep is clean you will remain healthy and if your bathroom will be dirty, then the possibility of getting ill is high. A glass shower door not only keep your bathroom clean but it also allows light to pass from it. The other shower enclosures are dark and your bathroom will be dark with them. So the best option for keeping your bathroom in bright zone and spotless, the glass shower doors are the right option.


Let’s take a look on different types of shower doors and their prices.

Framed glass shower door

Surrounding sheets of tempered or textured glass are usually used in framed glass shower doors with aluminum or composite frames. Seals, sweeps and magnetic hardware around the door help to create a watertight fit, keeping water from the shower and bath from leaking onto the floor of the bathroom. According to an estimator, you can save between $200 and $500 on your total project.

Frame-less Glass Shower Door

For the frame-less glass shower doors the heavy-duty glass and special pivots for structural support will be needed. For the reason of their sleek, clean design and heavy, tempered glass Frameless Shower Doors are the primary choice when builders, architects and designers are contemplating layouts in bathrooms.

There is no specific reason for changing the simple bathroom shower door into glass shower door then the beautification purpose. Most of the homeowners opt for the frameless glass shower doors just for the modern look of modern frameless enclosure. The average cost of a frame-less glass shower door installation is $1,000.


Corner Shower Doors

For more open and expansive look in your bathroom you need the corner shower doors. The more light can pass through them and can make the bathroom appear larger in size. Shower stalls that were once outfitted with curtains or framed sliding doors are now a thing of beauty. The semi framed bathroom shower sliding glass door for corner can be found in around $300. This is the approximate minimum price which can exceed to thousands of dollars too, depending on the functionality and quality.

Concluding Remarks:

There are many places from where you can buy the shower doors. The best way to find the best glass shower door is to visit different online glass stores, then check their customer reviews on their social pages. You may ask your friends and family members that which place is best for buying the glass shower doors. Choose the best  suitable shower door for your bathroom. In small bathrooms, the glass shower doors are the best options. For making them more beautiful and adding some space too, use the corner shower doors. Framed shower doors and frameless shower doors are the most popular types of glass shower enclosures. Frameless glass doors are comparatively expensive then the framed glass enclosures and this is due the heaviness of glass.