Halloween Props That Will Make Your House Look Spooky

Halloween Props That Will Make Your House Look Spooky

For families having small kids and toddlers around, you may not want to decorate your house in a spooky manner. However, you can still create a ‘tolerable’ haunted look at your house.

Let your kids be involved in transforming your house into a Halloween hotspot. With Magic Cabin coupons with you, it is possible to let your kids have a fun Halloween makeover without emptying your pocket. Their props, costumes, and other special Halloween items are worth buying.

Here are a few ideas for making your house look spooky this Halloween.

There are three ways to do your house:

  • Create “haunted spots” in your house
  • Transform the whole house into a haunted place
  • Create the spooky look only at the entrance


One of the most effective ways to turn your home into a spooky place is to cover walls with paper or plastic scenes. Depending on how spooky you wish to make the room, choose a scene. They truly make your house eerie, especially when you lower the lights.


Set spider webs in a way that your guest must walk through them! You can even hang a spider or two!

Hang webs over the mirror, doors, at the entrance of your house, and around the chandelier or lights.


Candles can be divine and can be eerie – depends on how you use them. You can set candles at your porch, in the bathroom near the mirror, in the hallway with low lighting.


The lighting effect is a vital component of creating a spooky atmosphere. If you wish to highlight a part of your house, use uplights. Place lights behind a creepy looking curtain or a paper lantern to create an eerie ambience.

If you have a glass table, cover it with a thin lace cloth. Place a coloured light beneath the table. Watch your table glow eerily!

You can use ghost props at the entrance of your house and place lighting behind them.

Vase uplights is another great idea to let your decanters sparkle. Paste DIY bottle labels with words like “poison” or “evil spirit inside” or “ghost drink” and others.

You can even use a black light. People wearing fluorescent costumes or white clothes will “light up” under this light. Combine glow sticks with a black light to create a spooky effect.


What’s a haunted house without a mirror?

Place a simple mirror just below an eerie lighting arrangement, or use a Halloween-special animated mirror. It appears like a regular one; but as soon as somebody walks near it, the eerie mirror comes to life and the “spirits” inside it begin to talk!

Spooky Pictures

Halloween portraits are available these days. Hang them just at the entrance or at spots with low lights.

Spooky Flowers

Thinking how to create spooky flowers? Get a bunch of roses a week before Halloween. Let them wither. Do not throw them away. Arrange these withered, dried out roses in a spookily done vase. Use a skull vase or a ghost sketch on it or maybe a pumpkin vase. Also, use oak and birch leaves for décor.

You can also get fake black roses.

Keep the flowers at the “haunted” spot of your house.

More Props

For Kids:

Get a plethora of fun props that are not too scary, yet carry the Halloween “aura.”

For example, you can buy bat wings, butterfly wings, owl costume, mermaid costume, light-up spider pumpkin holder, unicorn cloak, pumpkin appendages, 3-D unicorn pumpkin decorating kit, animal masks, and more.

For Adults:

Metal candle trees create a spooky atmosphere, as they appear like dead trees when placed near candlelight.

Use crows, spiders, skulls, bats, rats, owls, and other such “creepy” critters in the house. Place them at unexpected places so that they make a person jump with fright.

Bring skeletons in the house. Let them sit on a chair or stand near the bathroom door!

Have more ideas? Use them to the fullest. By the way, get your coupon from Don’tPayAll.