How to Build Over Bed Shelving Dorm?

No one wants the mess in the bedroom. So, here the need of over bed shelving dorm arises. We can put all the useful and necessary items there. The dorm shelves are the best place in our bedroom for keeping our medicines, the mobile phones, the laptops, the books which we love to read before going to sleep, the beautiful vase, the fresh flowers, the teddy bear of our toddler and all the necessary items safe and sound. Moreover these shelves are also best for keeping our memorable pictures, which we love to see every day. It is actually the space saving shelf, as we know it does not take up much space. So if you have a small size bedroom then the over bed shelving dorm is the right option for you. It will keep all your things in best organized form. Here we are going to learn that how we can build the over bed shelving dorm.


Uses of Over the Bed Shelving Dorm

The uses of over the bed shelving dorm are not restricted to only few ones but it has tremendous uses. It lasts from keeping our things organized and well managed to using the small space in best possible manner. It also fulfills the purpose of decoration. So, one can place any decorative item on it for granting a lovable look to his bedroom.

Material of Bed Shelving Dorm

For maximizing vertical space in your bedroom without damaging your walls the sturdy and sleek over the bed storage system is best option. Mostly the over the bed shelving dorm is made up of the hardboard material. You can easily buy a readymade shelf for your bed dorm or another option is that you can also make it by yourself with the help of any thin piece of wood or hardboard. All you’ll need is cardboard or plywood, quilt batting, fabric, and a staple gun.


Way to Build Over Bed Shelving Dorm

It is quite easy and simple to build an over the bed shelving dorm. Just take the piece of hardboard or wood and hang it on the bed dorm. It is the easy way to make your room livable. You can get help of any worker or can build it by yourself.

First buy the pieces of hardboard which you need for your task. Make sure to measure the head of your bed and length of wall (it’s up to you how much length you need for your over bed shelf) and get the pieces in exactly the same size otherwise you will need to cut the board for making adjustment in size which can be hectic and risky.

It’s better to ask your friend to give you a hand than to do this alone. As we know that two persons can easily handle the task and can save precious time.

Cut out a rectangle (or your own design) from the cardboard or plywood, making sure it will be wide enough to rest on the rail of your bed. Fit a layer of quilt batting to the board and staple. Then lay your chosen fabric over the quilt batting, and secure in the back with more staples. This is easiest way to build the over bed shelving dorm for keeping the light weight products on