How to Find the Best Floor Lamps For Living Room?

Floor lamps are best for decorating your home. You can use them in any corner of any room, especially in the living room. A good floor lamp can actually offer a strong natural ambience to light up the whole living room. It has the power to make amazing changing to a room. Modern floor lamps offer different and contemporary designs versus their counterparts from a few decades ago. The best floor lamps for living room can offer a soft amber glow to alter your mood. So for creating a whole new atmosphere in your home with the design and the quality of light which the floor lamps illuminate try them.


Here are some key factors that one should consider while buying floor lamps.

  • Height
  • Base
  • Finish
  • Lamp Shade
  • Designs

Height of the floor lamp

Height of the floor lamp is really an important thing to consider. You need to decide the place first that where you want to place the floor lamp. After deciding the place you should consider the purpose of the lamp that whether you want it for decoration purpose or for reading purpose. So, these two points will definitely help you out in deciding the height of floor lamp. Another factor which one should consider in deciding the height of floor lamp is the height of the ceiling. As it is said by most of people that short lamps are not good for high ceiling.

Floor Lamp Base

The lamp bases are usually made up of wood, glass, ceramic, or metal. The base should be strong because if the base will be stronger than consequently the floor lamp will be durable. So we can say that the best floor lamps for living room area are the one with strong base.

Lamp Shades

The bases and shades of lamps come in different colors. So there are plenty of chances to get exactly match lamp for your living room’s style, period and decor.

Finish of Floor Lamp

Nowadays the antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and satin nickel are being used for floor lamp finishes.

Designs of floor lamps

You will have a great choice when you will look for different designs and styles of floor lamps. These designs and styles of floor lamps will not only fulfill your need of lightening which is their basic function but will also enhance the work of art for your living room that your guests will likely to comment on. But the availability of so many choices can also create confusion for you. Here is the solution of it and which is to get the reviews. The reviews from your friends, family, neighbors or online customer reviews can clear your confusion. You can participate in home decoration forums and you will definitely get some useful advice.

Concluding Remarks

In small living rooms or narrow areas where space is limited, tray  floor lamps work well in place of end tables. So many types and designs are available for living room floor lamps such as Torchiere Floor Lamps, Club Floor Lamps, Tray Floor Lamps, Six-Way Floor Lamps, Tower Floor Lamps, Arc Floor Lamps, Pharmacy Floor Lamps, Tree Floor Lamps. You can opt for the one which is best suitable for your living room.