How to Install Hard Wired Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen?

If you are looking for kitchen update, then hardwired under cabinet lighting is easy option to consider and install without much expertise and experience. Hard wired under cabinet lighting is the answer to many of the problems in the kitchen due to improper lighting system. There are a variety of hard wired kitchen lighting available to choose from, the best thing is that you can attach it directly to a power source.

The Best Time to Install Hardwired Cabinet

The best time to install the hardwired kitchen cabinet is when you plan to remodel the kitchen and when the walls are covered with drywall. The regulation like The National Electrical Code requires that plastic-sheathed cable must be protected in the areas where it is not safe to install the cable at the back of cabinet. So putting the cable inside the steel flex is a good idea.

Installing Cables the Right Way

There is a right way to cut and install the flex and how to pull cable through it. The professionals reveal that you should run the cables behind the drawers in a plastic coating to avoid any accident or electric shock. The local electric inspector will be better able to provide more insights on them. At the back of cabinet, the pans and pots can bump the cable, therefore it is essential to safely run the cable through the cabinets. That way you may not need conduit.

The Wiring and Power

You still need to put in a source of power in order to provide at least 120 volts of electricity for the lights under the cabinets to perform well. Again the local safety inspector will guide you better regarding this; locate a suitable circuit but if you are not comfortable with this part of requirement, then a better deal is the hire an electrician in your area. He will bring the power into the junction box and also set your wirings at the appropriate format. Also do not forget to check with your local buildings department to verify what type of electrical permits are available in the area. Inspections are needed sometimes to make sure everything is fine before installing wires.

Gather Supplies and Start Installations

Now that the considerations of pre-installation are complete, the next important move is to start the installation. You can spend a full day running the flex and putting the plastic cables at the right place. Buy a glass bit for switching the hole; you can buy all these tools at the hardware store.

After you have found the power box, turn off the electric circuit breaker to unfuse the controls. Now open the walls and start drilling; now make connection to the junction box and connect the power source to the switch to the hot wires to the light.

Final Moves

Use a cable clamp to secure the cable with the fixture and connect the wires after reading the instructions of manufacturer. The final step is to mount and connect the light fixtures so that the wires in the switch box can be connected wisely.