How to Install Pictures Floating Shelves For Living Room?

Floating picture shelves are an elegant option to save space in the room and make it look beautiful; they look like as if pictures are floating on the wall. They are best ways to store and display the pictures and other collectible items that increase the grace of the room. Especially, the family photos are always safe on the floating picture shelves where you can share your travel memories with the friends with other decorations. No we will have a glance at the smartest way to install the pictures floating shelves living room.

Before looking deeper into the installation process, let us go ahead and take a look at the necessary evils, the necessary tools to install our favorite picture floating shelves in the living room or TV lounge.

The Tools Required

If you have cement walls in your house like the most houses, then a set fo following tools will be necessary to complete and initiate the installation of picture floating shelves. You will need the power drills, a screwdriver, a level and a drill bit.

On the other hand, if the wall in your room is made of wooden material, the other tools are not required except the level and the drill bit. It is easy to work on wooden walls than on the hard cement walls to hang the picture floating shelves successfully for aesthetics.

Hardware and Packing Required

Now that you got yourself a set of handy tools, the installation is never complete without the hardware tools and packing tools. When you get your hands on the sleek beautiful floating shelves, the following parts are include with the packing of the floating shelves.

  • A shelf board
  • One metal plate
  • Plastic anchors
  • Long screws
  • And short screws

There are types of floating shelves, not all the shelves need all these tools but for some shelves, the supporting metal plate is not the entire piece. To make the installation process less complicated, it is recommended by the experts to use one whole piece metal plate in case of floating shelves.

Locate the Space for Installation, Choose the Right Space

Place the backplate against the wall and mark holes in the required positions where there is best to hang the floating picture shelves. Take a pencil and put the metal plate in the right direction; make use of the level to get the plate horizontally right. Use proper anchors in the wall if the wall has no studs available.

Install Metal Plate

Using a power drill, the next step is the install the metal plate into the wall into the wall marks. You can also use a screw driver to screw the plate into the wall successfully

Slide the Shelf into Backplate

Now slide the shelf slowly and carefully into the backplate and ensure maximum stability and load capacity. After your picture floating shelf is installed successfully, install the other floating shelves as well in the same way following the above steps. We wish you a fun installation.