The Finishing Touch in Any Bathroom – Towel Bars and Towel Racks

Towel bars or the towel racks are not a luxury anymore, but have become a necessity. You will find them in any bathroom whether big or small, whether luxurious or a normal one. If we talk from the construction point of view, then towel bars and towel racks come in the finishing touches, but should be added before tiling in the bathroom. So, one should make his mind that where he is going to hang the towel bar or where the towel rack will be. The place of placing tower bar or towel rack matters a lot and a wrong decision can spoil the finishing touch of your bathroom.


Wall Mounted Hooks as Towel Bars

The wall mounted hooks may also be used in the replacement of towel bars. This consumes less space than the towel racks or towel bars. Although, for using hooks as towel bars you need to consider the climate situation first. If the climate is suitable then using the hooks is easy and cost effective. We all know that in extreme cold weather towels do not dry on hooks and need a proper space.

Towel Racks

Towel racks give you the option of handing more than one towel by providing you different racks at the same place. Towel racks can be of any shape, style, design and size. They are also available in freestanding option and wall mounted style.

Heated Towel Rails

The heated towel rails dry your towels and make them useful in humid or cold climates. So, if you are living in cold areas, then your choice should be heated towel rails. They will keep your towels dry all the time and hence the chances of germ growth will end.


Free Standing Towel Rails

Towel rails are available in two formats, namely freestanding and wall-mounted. The most common are wall mounted rails, but you always have another option which is free standing towel rail. This is best for saving wall space. You can utilize the wall for adding any cabinetry or mirror in the small bathroom instead of installing towel bars there.

You can easily change the place of free standing towel rail, as it is cleared by name that they are free to stand anywhere. So, you do not need to hire any mastery to install it. Their portability makes them the best choice for people who are living on rent. So, if you’re renting your home, you can simply pack your towel rail away and take it with you when you move.

Concluding Remarks

Any well-designed freestanding towel rail, towel rack or wall mounted towel bar should stand as a feature in its own right, adding to the overall appeal and functionality of the bathroom space. If you own a free standing bathroom, then the free standing towel bars are best for you. All kinds of bathroom towel bars, towel racks, whether free standing or wall mounted are available in plenty of colors, designs and styles. So, you can choose any for adding finishing touch to your bathroom.