Top Features of Frosted Glass That Make it Best for Glass Replacements

Frosted glass is a semi-opaque or translucent glass manufactured through acid etching and sandblasting technique. In the acid-etching technique, one or both sides of the clear glass are applied with an acid that reacts with the glass surface giving it the desired “misty” appearance. In sandblasting, on the other hand, sand or other abrasive material are blasted on the glass surface at high pressures. The abrasive material particles grind on the glass surface giving it a uniform translucent appearance according to the overall design and desired pattern. This glass is mainly used in external windows and partitioning of offices. The main characteristic of the frosted glass is its translucent property which allows it to scatter as well as transfer light rays. Frosted glass is also the type of glass that will help you minimize energy costs and at the same time protect fabrics and furniture from destructive UV rays as well as getting rid of glare on television and computer screens. This article will look at the best features of frosted glass that make it the best choice over other types of tinted glass. After going through the article, you will have enough information about the advantages of using frosted glass over other types of glass.

Visual Privacy With Frosted Glass

Frosted glass allows you to exercise privacy by preventing people from seeing through the glass while at the same time allowing light to pass through. This property makes the glass suitable for use in toilet windows and partitioning shower cubicles. Other types of glasses used for privacy like the back painted glass have a problem of limited light penetration which may make natural light to be insufficient. It will, therefore, require you to keep the lights on which increases the electricity bill at the end of every month.

Frosted Glass Easy To Clean

Frosted glass is the type of glass that will make you happy if you love to maintain your home clean. It is very easy to clean and maintain clean. The glass does not corrode or rust and has a permanent finish that does not wear out over time. You will only need a piece of cloth and a cleaner to do the job. You should also note that it is very hard to streak a frosted glass because of its textured surface. Another advantage is that the glass does not show fingerprints or smudges.

Allows In More Sunlight

Most people are not aware that frosted glass lets in a lot of light into your building. In addition to this, frosted glass also acts as a screen and protects your furniture from UV rays which destroy them over time. With enough natural lighting in your home, dependence on electric lights is reduced helping you save on the energy bills.

A naturally lit atmosphere is very helpful in the commercial spaces as it helps maintain a productive environment where workers feel refreshed and can remain alert all through the working hours.

Frosted Glass Enhance Security

Frosted glass helps enhance security both at home and in commercial places. The glass is very durable and can withstand harsh climates without breaking. The glass also does not break easily making it virtually impenetrable. It is also difficult to scratch the glass because of the broken feel of its surface.

Adds D├ęcor To A Building

Frosted glass is appealing to the eye, and it brings in a touch of class and elegance to any building, either a home or a commercial space. The glass is very durable, and the frosted appearance is permanent. There are also different designs that you can find to cater for your various needs. Apart from its operational advantages, frosted glass makes any space to look beautiful in its unique way.

Frosted Glass Conserves Energy

Apart from allowing sufficient light into the room, frosted glass also helps to keep conducive indoor temperatures. The glass achieves this through filtering sunlight radiations going into a room and preventing temperatures from getting extremely hot which is very uncomfortable. The glass also acts as a buffer by preventing the cold during the cold seasons. In this way, you can save significant amounts of money each month since energy has been conserved.

Frosted glass reduces sun glare and allows enough illumination of the room. This boosts the efficiency of the structure. Frosted glass also acts as an alternative to curtains as well as Venetian blinds.

This glass is also very versatile and can be customized to suit different requirements. It can also be back painted to achieve the desired design.

Back painted glass, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of frosted glass. They are made by painting one surface of the glass with the desired color. The glass is not as hardy as the frosted glass. The surface of the glass is susceptible to wear and tear from abrasive materials. It also does not absorb glare like the

frosted glass. The smooth surface reflects light rays which can be a discomfort to the workers. The ability of shiny surfaces to reflect light causes natural light to lose some of its illuminations as it goes through the back painted glass. Glass for back painting is weaker in terms of strength than the frosted glass. You will find it easier to break back painted glass as compared to the frosted glass. Most designs of back painted glass allow enough light so that you can see clearly what is on the other side of the glass. The glasses, therefore, do not provide any privacy making them unsuitable for facilities that require privacy.

From the paragraphs, above you can see that frosted glass is very superior to the back painted glass, and it has very many applications. You should find a good glass store and choose from the various designs of frosted glass they have in stock. It is one of the glasses whose classy look will always amaze you. From the many advantages it has, extra beauty is always something to admire. Frosted glass is the best option for you.