Wall Mirror Design for Drawing Room

Wall mirror is probably the only thing which has lots of designs and styles and the most interesting thing is the process of renovation in wall mirror designs that never stop. Wall mirror is not only the necessity of man, but it has its worth as a decorative item too. A drawing room is a versatile space that sees families come together after a long day, friends muse over after months, so it should be very beautiful and relaxing. If we talk about the drawing room decoration, then still wall mirrors are the most important piece of decoration. Apart from adding extra lighting to any room, bringing a sense of spaciousness the wall mirrors also bring a new touch of glamor into your living room. We can term “mirror” as a secret weapon of any decorator.


Feminine and Luxurious Drawing Room

Gold wall mirror named Stella by KOKET is surrounded with flowers, perfect for a feminine and luxury interior design. Round mirrors, rectangle mirrors, square mirrors, heart-shaped mirrors, star mirrors and all the available designs and styles of mirror can do their best but you need to place them at the right place.

Hanging a small round  shaped mirror above a mantle is an excellent way to highlight a fireplace as the focal point of a room. But do not opt for the full length mirror for this place because it will not enhance the look properly. Actually the basic purpose of a mirror is to enhance the look of a space and for this the placement of the mirror matters a lot. If you will place the full length mirror above the mantle then it wil reflect the ceiling which is not a good thing.

Why Wall Mirrors?

Although there are a lot of things which we can use to hang on the wall of our living room, then why the decorative mirrors are in much demand. The reasons are many, let’s shed some light on a few of them.

  • Reflection of light
  • Spaciousness
  • Brightness
  • Cost effectiveness

Reflection of light is one of the most important reason which urges the people to use the decorative wall mirrors for their drawing rooms. When the mirror reflects the light, the room becomes more enlightened than it was before. So, the illumination  is also a reason for drawing room decoration with mirror.

Spaciousness is one of the big reasons behind the use of mirrors in interior decoration. as mirrors creates the illusion of a wider space.

We can rank the cost effectiveness at the top position when talking about the reasons behind use of wall decorative mirrors. The other wall art pieces are so expensive and are hardly in reach of a common man. But the beautiful wall decorative mirrors are in everybody’s budget. One can use the decorative wall mirrors in his home, whether it is big or small.

Concluding Remarks:

A drawing room also known as a living room, so it should be such a place where one can live happily. So, always place the mirror at a point from where it can reflect a beautiful view such as a chandelier, flowers, window, beautiful painting, etc. All the designs of wall mirrors will look beautiful at your drawing room, if you will place them wisely.