What Elements distinguish Domestic from Commercial Cleaning Service?

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The majority of the people have an opinion that domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services are more or less the same. They think that the techniques, tools, equipment, services, and techniques used are the same. But in truth, they are very distinct from each other. If you want to know the true nature of both them you have to thoroughly look into the differences they have.

What are Domestic Cleaning Services?

The domestic cleaning is also known as housekeeping; in which various staff members keep the house in proper order. The domestic cleaners are responsible for cleaning the whole house; from top to bottom and each and every corner. The history of domestic cleaning is as old as the pyramids themselves but gradually developed into a proper profession which includes the following services; cleaning and polishing the floor, cobweb removal, dusting the whole house, vacuuming the carpets and sofas and cleansing each and every room in the house.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning companies have a totally different approach to the profession. They have a wide range of services to provide to various businesses and industries. The diversified range of services includes cleaning of auto-workshops, religious buildings, banks, gyms and spas, medical facilities, various offices, industrial spaces, malls, and retail stores, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants, and other public and government spaces. 

What Elements distinguish them both?

For the people who think that domestic and commercial cleaning is the same; there are several arguments that can determine the difference between the two. You just have to understand it very carefully and look into every aspect of it. The very initial difference that can be noted is the name; one is domestic-related to home and the other commercial in which various businesses are involved.

The Building to be cleaned

The domestic cleaning services only have a house that is to be cleaned. The houses can be of different styles and areas but the kind of building is the same. The range of the house can be an apartment, small cottage or even a villa.

But the buildings that commercial cleaners have to clean are diversified. These places can be very large like a big showroom or industrial area or small as an office place with 10 rooms.

The main Aim

The basic aim of the two is almost the same; that is keeping the place clean. But the domestic cleaners have other jobs to do like organize the whole house, taking care of the pets and sometimes even providing security to the house.

But the commercial cleaners like Jan Pro OKC have only one purpose of thoroughly cleaning the various places they are assigned for. This is because space is either big or there are many furniture and equipment scattered.

The Procedure for Cleaning

The cleaning procedure of a house is slightly different from commercial cleaning. The methods of cleaning a house include thorough cleaning of the floors, proper dusting off everything, carpet vacuuming and cleaning of all glassware.

In commercial cleaning, there is a lot of equipment that has to be moved carefully from its place and then put back after the cleaning process. The whole method involves a system and organization.

The number of Cleaning Staff

The bigger the space; the larger the number of staff is needed to clean it. An average house needs 5-10 persons to clean it up from one corner to the other. Not much moving of the furniture and other things are required.

The number of cleaning employees of the commercial buildings and industry is greater as compared to the domestic one. It can range from 50 to 100; depending on the size of the building.

The Materials and tools used

The cleaning devices and equipment of domestic cleaning are simple, smaller so that it can be used in smaller places as well. Small pieces of cloth and mops can be used to clean the various places of a house.

The type and size of the material and machinery used depends upon the area of the commercial industry. At many times the spaces that the employees have to work is not that big so normal commercial cleaning material can be used. But larger machinery is used for places that are huge.

Cost of Cleaning Services

The costs of both types of services have a huge difference. The domestic cleaning companies take a fee according to the rooms of the house. Many of the companies include the cleaning material amount in the initial fee they take but others can suggest their clients buy the products of their choice.

A commercial cleaning company takes the amount in full and also adds the cost of material and chemicals in it. The fee that they take is according to the days or hours they take to clean the whole place.

Hours to operate

The domestic cleaning staff has no obligation of time to perform their duty. They can come at any time for the job. The people living in the house have to adjust according to them.

Commercial Cleaning Services have to work according to the hours of the office. The staff has to do their job after the working hours of the business. The cleaning company has a time table to follow.