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What to Keep in Mind Before Opting for an Office Renovation?

A few people are of the opinion that the way an office looks is directly proportional to the efficiency of the employees. The better the office looks, the more efficient the employees are because it increases the comfort of the workers and increases the office appeal. It is not only related to the way the employees work but the number of businesses it attracts. A good-looking office attracts more clients than a moderate looking office. Thus, many businesses are opting for office renovation. But office renovation should not interfere with the ongoing work in office, as every minute lost is a cost to the firm. Thus, this article provides an insight about the things to keep in mind while opting for renovation.

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1.Get the Basics Clear – Be sure of the renovation. You need to sit down and think about it thoroughly before jumping to any conclusion. Your priorities and demands should be logical and clear to you. Do you think changing the office, as in, relocating is possible? If not, why do you think renovation is important at that point of time? Will the clients be happy with this decision? Are your employees ready for this change? Are you financially secure to carry out such a humongous task? Once, you are sure of these things, then you should proceed to the next stage.


  1. Proper Understanding of the Project – Before approving the plan of action, you might want to do a complete homework on the structure of your office and the buildings nearby. A proper plan of action is required to undertake an office renovation. The map of the building can be used to understand the building better. An analysis of the building can be helpful in ways you would not have thought of. A weak pillar or maybe some free space, which was not being used before, can be brought into the plan of the person handling the renovation. For example, people do not like to be bound to their working desk. They like moving and being able to breathe fresh air. Facebook capitalized on this opportunity and created a massive park above their building where employees can enjoy their work while taking a break at cafés in the park.


  1. Build a Strategy – Now, when you know the property better, you can obviously try to list down the expenses incurred and what kind of expenses you are ready for. Think of the ways you want your work force to continue their job? Do you want to hire a new space till the office renovation is carried out? What plans do you have in the meantime?


  1. Flow of Communication – While working on the project, you should be open to all kinds of suggestions and criticisms. Try involving the work force and designing team in the loop. Once you get suggestions from them, try incorporating it with your vision because at the end, the employees will be working in the office, as well. This will make them feel appreciated which helps you in the work.


5. Providing Enough Time for Adaptability – Once your office renovation is done, success might not be over night. Let the changes sink in with the employees. This will take time. They need to understand the new workplace and get adapted to it. You might want to hire people who excel in technology like IT specialists to help your employees with the new technology incorporated in the office. Once they start liking the workplace environment, things will automatically become happier and positive.

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Thus, keep in mind the abovementioned things while an office renovation. Lights and sounds do make a difference in the productivity level of the employees. Happier employees mean a happier business, since clients are served better.