5 DIY vintage Spice Rack Ideas to Spice up Your Kitchen

Do you love cooking? Then you must have a vintage spice rack in your kitchen. As we all know that spices are so essential for virtually every dish that you’re creating. Here we will learn about the 5 DIY vintage spice racks ideas to spice up your kitchen. For the reason that having an organized spice rack is an absolute must for perfect cooking. If you will not organize your spice in rack then it will be very time consuming for your cooking. There are so many options for vintage spice rack ideas let’s have a look on some of them!

  • Test Tube Spice Rack
  • Back of the door Spice Rack
  • Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack
  • Vintage Trays
  • Magnetic Spice Jars

Test Tube Spice Rack

You just need a plywood bamboo strip for creating the test tube spice rack. It will take approximately half of your day and you will create excellent spice rack in couple of hours. You will need the drill, and rubber o-rings to float the test tubes in holes. This trick is best for utilizing the small space in best possible manner. This Idea is taken by Chris Gardner (bobvila).

Back of the door Spice Rack

You can utilize the back of the door of your kitchen cabinet for creating a vintage spice rack. Just leave the 2 inches inside the rack while construction or sacrifice after making when you got the idea. This is best for keeping all your spices in a proper manner in a row.

Joe Provey has provided this idea at DIY Life in a very comprehensive way.  So, you can approve his tutorial very easily for further assistance.

Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack is also a very good option for DIY vintage Spice Rack. You just need the empty crate of coca cola or any other soft drink. Just put it in your cabinet by setting up the spice bottles in it or simply hang it on the wall. If you are going to hang it on the wall then you can also utilize the top side of the crate which is facing the ceiling. So go for it and try.

Vintage Trays

You can just use your old silver trays or any other trays for making your vintage spice rack. But keep in mind that the bottom of the tray should be wide enough to bear the weight of spice bottles. You can even buy some old trays for this purpose.

Magnetic Spice Jars

Magnetic Spice Jars are also in trend for making the spice rack. They are cost effective and consume less space too. So for the kitchen of any apartment or home, they are best option. You can easily write the spices names at the bottom of the bottle and this will help you in choosing the right spice at the right time. Another best thing about the magnetic spice jars is that it will create a look that bottles are floating in air. You can use the baby food jars for this project.

All the DIY vintage spice racks will look pretty amazing. So choose any of the above mention idea and start making your spice rack. Good luck.