Wooden Tea Cup Display Shelf and DIY Shelves for Home Decor

Pallet DIY Shelves

When it comes to making DIY shelves, the pallet DIY shelves is the most awesome design for homeowners. You can make this transformation a really simple one or a complex one based on your needs. You can create much transparent palette shelves after figuring out the major steps of the project.

You need to edit the pallet a little bit more for getting the desired design. The design can contain a wood pallets and it can be cut into three different pieces and three different shelves which are a perfect solution for displaying and storing the books and magazines in your home.


Chic Marble Shelves

When we talk about shelves, other kitchen materials, the fancy cupboards, cabinets and other furniture or accessories in the home, wood is the primary material for your home decor, not to forget about creating DIY shelves. But who says wood is the only brilliant option for home decor, there is another item like marble that is also a very nice option for home decor. Marble is an excellent alternative to wood as well when it comes to making wooden boards and shelves in the home. However, the building process and design remain the same.

Marble tiles can become really cute and stylish; for transforming the design, you will need some handy tools like scissors and leather cord. Start by cutting two equal lengths of cord and tie each end into a knot and a loop at the top. Where cords are meeting, tie a tight knot there. A shelf can also be used as a hanging stand.

DIY Floating Shelves for Home Décor

Floating shelves are pretty simple and they are that is the reason many people underestimate them. The truth is that they are extremely versatile, practical and lovely than they actually look like. They are also found in lots of variations and styles and look very eye-catching. In just about any home, the DIY copper shelves would stand out from the other decor in your house.

Floating Corner Shelves

When there is small floor space in a small room, the floating corner shelves add much space to your room to accommodate books and stuff. You can add elegant corner shelves in your own way to meet your needs. Great designs are available for the corner shelves and they only occupy a little portion of your room as compared to other DIY shelves. Corner shelves actually look pretty elegant and sleek because the rest of the room space remains empty and provides interesting space to place things. The spacing between the shelves can be adjusted as well because of the pattern they create.