How to Include DIY and Rustic wood display shelves into Your Home Décor?

Shelves are simple things that add value to your home, the DIY shelves can do a lot for your dream home. There are many different designs that one can try which are interesting and beautiful. Each DIY project has its own unique value and attributes, rustic wood display shelves can be added to your home décor easily completing your home in a lovely way. Upon your style of choice, it is possible for you to pick one of them.

In fact, many people find it interesting to turn the crates of wood into shelves; there is no need to cut anything during creating shelves. The first step is the stain the crates on the wall and you will need anchors and screws to fulfil that purpose. This is an easy part of this process where all you require is a sand paper to carry on the good work.


Copper Pipe Design: Elegant and Smart

When we talk about the benefit of copper pipes, they can take many forms. Copper pipes can take many forms, you can convert them into any stylish version with the help of scissors, hooks, and corks. You can also use the washi tape to secure the cork base to the wood. You can add DIY shelves anyplace like kitchen, hallway, entrance way or laundry rooms where there is a simple extra storage requirement for your beloved family’s needs.


Industrial Shelves

If you want to give your shelves an industrial look, you need to simply highlight the hardware. The shelves can be simple wooden boards and putting L shaped brackets under the board can help. Just screw them into the wall while this project is easy and simple to build.

Now for making a DIY version of industrial bookshelves, the metal fittings and pipes can be used with planning. A list of supplies are needed for this effort so you can successfully assemble all parts of the shelf and mount it on the wall easily. The pipes are heavy material and there is a risk of sagging them; care is required in this part. Place the pipes vertically so they never sink to the lower level.


Reclaimed Wood Shelves

We can definitely agree with reclaiming wood in DIY projects. This serves two purposes, it helps the projects become eco-friendly and it also helps to add charm and beauty to the project. The wood actually worse nut due to long exposure to air, therefore, weathered wood needs to be treated with sand first to make it durable and shiny again. Then comes the part of assembling the entire piece of rustic wood display shelves and stain it. For these type of DIY shelves, the list of supplies includes metal pieces, reclaimed wood and some other honorable mentions like a table saw. You will also need sandpaper, wood and drilling machine for successful completion of the project. You will enjoy the finished product a lot which is going to be a great resource for you.