Google Gravity | The Exceptional Quality Changes on Your Computer Screen

As we all know that information technology has captured the whole world by reflecting the amazing features of IT respectively. No doubt, everything has to get smart to use and friendly as well. As we can see different types of changes which have really changed the preferences of different tasks which can be covered within a targeted time. Let’s talk about one of the best innovation of this era Google. We admit through Google we are able to get access to different things and every type of knowledge only for a click. With all these amazing quality effects Google has introduced the best feature to provide the computer’s screen a new life with Google Gravity. It really sounds amazing and no doubt you will definitely find it amazing in use as well.

Basically, Google Gravity is based on JavaScript search engine trick. It was successfully programmed in 2009 and this feature may not work on your computer because it actually needs some sort of changes in the Google search engine. Due to automatic results and reprogrammed search results you can also get access to the Google Gravity via the special link. Furthermore, it also includes a bunch of entertainment which can actually be brought a person into the puzzle by its amazing effects. Moreover, we will discuss some specific but interesting features related to the Google Gravity which will clear the whole story impressively.

What is Google Gravity?

Have you ever noticed your web browser search pages falling down from upward? This feature really shows that falling the search queries from upward to down the computer screen.  Most of the people do not have sufficient idea related to the subjected content. In Google Gravity the basic purpose to show the users about the gravitational force which attract the main taskbar of the computer to downward and the way it will fall down you will surely get amazed. This could be the best thing to engage anybody who doesn’t know about this term will surely get puzzled and will try to get the thing to understand. The idea of Google Gravity has taken out from the well-known scientist Albert Einstein. He actually introduced the complete phenomena in 1915 by describing the fact that earth has the gravitational force which can attract the whole things coming from upward with a specific speed ratio. As we can also see if anyone raise the ball in the air it will directly come down to the earth due to earth gravitational force. This is how experts have utilized the idea in our personal browser of the computer screen to get interesting fact related to this summary.

I personally experienced this amazing fact with one of my colleagues. I asked him a simple question related to this, have you ever seen your web pages or browser fall down while using it in your computer screen? The reply was expected “No”. When I performed the task he really gets shocked and really get inspired by the trick and appreciated the effort behind this.

Here we will discuss simple but authentic steps to perform this Google Gravity Task on your personal computer.

Step 1: first of all, open the browser Google Chrome from your computer and make sure you have already turned off the Google instant result option from the setting of the browser. If you still using the browser with show instant result option, you may not get the feature as amazing as it is. You can get approach to the option by signing into the Google account and then type in the address bar. Here you will get the “Google Instant Predictions” turn it off and save the settings.

Step 2: after performing this task now, you have to write in the address bar. This will directly take you to the Google’s main search engine.

Step 3: Now, type Google Gravity in the query bar to check the amazing effect of Google Gravity. Do not enter the written query search and wait for the next step which you have to perform.

Step 4: when you will finish the task make sure to not instead of clicking on the Google search on the bar you should have to click on I’m feeling lucky. Here you will get the amazing feature which you are looking for

Step 5: here you will watch the Google button falling down along with the other bars. You must try this trick first and show this amazing feature to your friends and family members.

Step 6: In this feature, you can also get the amazing feature of moving the elements anywhere you want. Just click on the desired bar or element which has already fallen down. You can easily pick up the desired element to move at your desired place on the screen. You should appreciate this amazing effort which has included in our browser respectively.

There are a lot more amazing features Google has also introduced to provide the best thing in the personal browser. Right now the world is getting modernize and due to this, it is also very much important to maintain the things according to the requirement of the digitalized world. There is an appreciating effort behind this amazing trick. Basically, this trick is the best symbol of Albert Einstein’s theory which he has introduced to the world in 1915. By this trick, every single person can get the amazing view of the theory. You can also frequently try this with your friends to get amaze them with this trick. The whole content of the page has specially designed related to the gravitational force and it has plenty of amazing features which anyone can enjoy nicely. In short, you can also mention this effort as a collection of hidden amazing features and the basic purpose to launch this effort is to provide the chance of entertainment to the users respectively. You must try this trick with your friends and get their shocking behavior through it.