6 DIY Art & Craft Ideas for Creative Minds to Decorate Glass Coffee Tables

Do you feel like your home decor ideas are a hoax? Or you think home decor can only be done by interior designers? Well, think again.

All around the world, people use beautiful pieces of furniture to add beauty to their homes.

Glass Tables


One of the best pieces of furniture to add a classic touch to your space is a glass table. You can use your glass table as your dining table, or place it in your study room and use it as a study table. Home improvement with tables is one of the most versatile ways that is the real charm of glass tables. They can function in both formal and informal settings.

While talking about tables, we can’t ignore glass coffee tables, which can be customized and decorated in various ways to increase its aesthetics and make the coffee time fun for you.

Here are 6 DIY arts and craft ideas for you to decorate a glass coffee table.

  1. Stacking Books on Coffee Table

Stacking Books on Coffee Table

Books are a great conversation starter and increase visual appeal when things seem dull and boring. If you own a coffee shop, books can bring you many valuable customers on your coffee tables. Choose the books of great writers with appealing covers to make your glass coffee tables more worthy and attractive.  You can also add cute handcrafted bookmarks to bring a personalized touch to your coffee table.

  1. Add Lamps and Candle Holders

Add Lamps and Candle Holders

Chandeliers and beautiful candles, placed in a charming candle holder, create a pleasant atmosphere by spreading a soothing lightening around your coffee table. Moreover, the candles, in candle holders, placed atop your coffee table create a special partial reflection, which adds to the beauty of your table and room. Even if you do not want to use candles in your candle holders, it still adds the flavor of charisma and mystery to your interior settings.

  1. Place Antiques and Accessories

Place Antiques and Accessories

Decorating your coffee table with beautiful antiques and accessories is an amazing idea. Take some of your beautiful showpieces that match your interior or glass table, and place them at the center of your coffee table.  Unlike wooden tables, the specialty of the glass coffee tables is that it does not overdo your designs, allowing you to design it with handcrafted accessories. The transparency of the glass table also ensures that the table does not make your room look stuffed and placing antiques on them can be a great conversation starter.


  1. Use Colorful Coasters

Use Colorful Coasters

Placing a set of colorful coasters on your empty coffee table fills it up with vibrant insignia, ensuring a great aroma. These beautiful yet durable coasters don’t get affected or damaged by hot coffee mugs, adding a special touch of transparency and opaque to your table.  You may get vibrant colors coasters with matte finishes to make your coffee table stand out in the middle of the room or choose the bright and shiny texture coasters if your room’s walls are pink or bright painted.

  1. Place Flowers for a Pleasant Aroma


Adding natural beauty to your interior is a great way to make it look great yet pleasant and lively. To add that DIY touch, what you really need to do is make a customized flower pot or vase. Craft a flower pot out of the plastic bottle by recycling it. You can also use different sorts of waste buckets by painting them with your desired texture. Further, add some pebbles and voila on the top of the handcrafted flower pot. A beautiful customized pot is ready for your table.

You can also decorate your coffee tables with artificial green plants and flower vessels. Put fresh white and red flowers in the vessel for a pleasant fragrance.

  1. Display Pictures in a Handcrafted Photo Frame


Displaying memories on coffee tables is another way to increase its worth. If you are a good artist, DIY craft a beautiful photo frame to display some memorable pictures. You can use simple cardboard or any other hard paper for this purpose. Add slits to the cardboard to hold the pictures and display them at your coffee table. It not only adds charms to your table decor elements but also makes a coffee time more joyful for you. The list of DIY arts and crafts doesn’t end here. You may decorate your glass coffee table with other unique ideas that pop up in your mind. Let us know if you have better ideas in your mind!