Top 5 Latest & Affordable Glass Table Designs in 2019

Glass tables have become more popular in the 21st century as compared to other materials. Most homeowners have forfeited the traditional wooden and plastic tables to go for the glass designs. They have been known to transform homes to look elegant and classy. When buying glass tables for a   home or office, checking the type of glass that is used to make the table is essential. Some glass materials are weaker than others making the tables less durable. When you buy a glass table made from standard glass, you may find it difficult to maintain it for a long time. Mostly, it can break or crack easily. Finding replacements for glass table tops can be challenging when you need a   customized design. There are many glass table designs for homes that you can buy to make your home look modern and classy. Fab glass and mirror are specialized in selling glass tables that are trendy and classy. When searching for glass tables visiting fab glass and mirror would be a great start. For homeowners who are looking to upgrade the look of their interior best ways to replace glass display cabinets, this article will provide you with information regarding glass table designs that are trendy in 2019.

Round Glass Coffee Table

Round glass tables are trendy and popular among modern home and office owners. They are well designed to fit in small spaces. If you have a small apartment and would like to and a glass table to the interior, going for the round glass table would be a great idea.  Rounded glass tables do not have sharp edges which can result in wastage of space. The corner of rectangular glass tables is not for sitting, if used it may lead to space wastage. If you need to create a modern interior in your home or office, consider the available space. If you have limited space, you should select the round glass table. The table will help you to have better organization of space, and you can have enough room to add more furniture increase Kitchen functionality using display cabinets.

Aquarium Glass Table

Introducing a unique and trendy design for your table should be prioritized at all times. Since you are looking to make your home’s interior unique and attractive, having an aquarium glass able would help you to create a 21st-century interior design. The aquarium glass is made with glass on the sides and the top. The aquarium is made in a box design so that it can hold enough water for your fish. Also, the glass used for the aquarium should be hardened enough such that it can withstand the high pressure from the water. A good design should incorporate well-tailored glass that is made to look attractive when used as a centerpiece in your home or office. The fish put in the aquarium should be colorful and attractive to be an eye catcher for visitors.

Glass Table with Drawers

Having drawers on your tale provides you with additional storage space in your home. When you have a glass table with drawers placed in your living room, you can store different items including electronics. Also, store the small details in the drawers for convenience. When you need to have your interior upgraded and also create more storage space for yourself, you should opt for this type of design or guide to install cabinets in bathroom. Glass and wood are used to make the drawers. When made with clear glass, it does not offer privacy. Therefore, obscured or frosted glass can be used to build customized drawers.

Rotating Glass Table

A rotating glass table top is a modern design used in dining areas. The rounded glass table top that is mounted on a rotating base is made to make your interior elegant and attractive. This table design for home has a single wide base and a steel stem at the center. The stem, fixed with ball bearings that provide it with a frictionless movement where the glass top can rotate comfortably. When you are having meals, and you need to pass something across the table. You only need to rotate the table to the other end so that you can pass the required item. An advantage of this design of glass table is that it allows people to openly and actively participate in conversations when necessary.

Patterned Glass Table Top

Having artistic patterns on your glass table top is a trendy idea that you can adapt for 2019. The patterned glass is used to make the table tops which makes them unique this type of table can be used as a centerpiece since it has attractive designs. It can be used for the patio or living room since it will make space look classy and modernized.