7 Convenient Glass And Mirror Furniture For The Small Home

Limited space within your home can limit your ability to buy new furniture to make it look more contemporary. Many homeowners in the modern era find t challenging to find suitable furniture to fit perfectly in their limited space. Panning is however required for you to estimate the available space and buy furniture that will fit in your living room, dining, kitchen or even the bedroom. You will need to have the right tools to take measurements such that when you go to buy the furniture; you will not over or underestimate their size. Glass and mirror furniture for small homes can be found either online or in a physical home and living stores. You, however, need first to identify the designs ideas that you want to add to your home to transform it from the conventional to a more modern look. If you have been looking for the best ideas that you can adopt, you landed in the right place. This article will explore some of the most popular and trending glass tables and mirror furniture that you can use for your small home. Do not let the small space in your home limit your creativity and inventiveness. Read on to find out more about the top trending glass and mirror furniture.

Media Cabinet With Mirrored Doors

Media cabinets are used to display essential artifacts in your home. You can either use them for storage or the purpose of display. A large percentage of modern homeowners consider cabinets as a necessity to improve the interior decors of their homes. When a cabinet is made, it could be made of plain glass which you can see through. This is however common when the property owner intends to showcase important media to the visitors or residents of the home. When the doors are made of mirrors, they create an illusion of more space in the cabinet. They reflect on the items that are in front of them. Mostly, if the cabinet doors are mirrored, you can place any type of media on it. This will attract the attention of the available audience. To ensure that the cabinet makes the room look modernized, you should consider strategically placing it in a location where it is easily visible. You could place it besides the TV stand so that as people watch television, they get attracted to the media placed in the cabinet. The inside of the cabinet can be used for the storage of additional media which can be extracted when the owner needs to showcase them.

Cube Mirrored Side Table

Side tables today are placed on the side of seats so that they can be used to hold your accessories such as your mobile phone, bracelets among others. Having an elegantly designed cube mirrored side table can transform your living space to look more trendy and modern. The cube can be made from wood, steel or plastic to give it form. The mirror glass is then fixed on all its faces. The owner can decide to fix the mirrors on the side and a glass top covering the top face of the side table. This design has become popular among many homeowners with small living spaces. They can double up as a coffee table and also centerpieces in your living room. When selecting the mirrors to be fixed on the faces of the cube side table, ensure that you select ones that have a   high reflective index. This way, they will produce a high-quality image that will keep your living room stunning and classy. Buying low-quality mirrors will give you much trouble with the type of images formed. A custom glass table top can be created for a homeowner who needs to have the cube side table created for them. They can select the type of glass that they need to be customized.

Round Mirrors Side Table With Pallets

Having round tables in your home helps to save a lot of space.  It is an option that homeowners with limited space in their houses are willing to try. A round mirrored side table is made in such a way that it has some pallets that can be used to hold things such as flowers and salt lamps. Ideally, this type of design would require you to have antique mirrors fixed on all the pallets to give it a modern feel.  The stands to the round glass mirrors should be made of wood. The mirrors should also have wooden frames so that there is a great finish for the table. Also, you can paint the stands of the round glass mirror table so that you can match it to the theme in your home. You can do the painting as a DIY project if you are also looking forward to saving on costs that would be incurred. The top of the rounded glass table can be either a mirror of a plain glass top. This is entirely the decision of the homeowner or the designer.

Mirrored Accent Round Glass Table

Accented glass tables are a combination of different materials that have been put together to produce a unique product. The mirrored accent round glass table has a glass tabletop and around the base. The base is covered with a mirror such that the stand that holds the glass top table is reflected at the center of the mirror. Round glass table tops are created to fit the round table for small homes. When you have limited space, you do not want to overestimate the size. You need a sizeable accent round glass table that will make your home look trendy and modernized. The stand and the base should be made of hardwood such as ebony and teak. This will ensure that it is strong enough to hold objects placed on it. The glass should, however, be well taken care of to avoid damages such as cracks and breakage. Also, one can paint the stand of the table to match their interior themes. The mirror to be fixed at the base of the table should be precisely cut to fit perfectly into the base.

Storage Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are mostly used for storage of utensils that are occasionally or regularly used. Kitchen cabinets may either be hanged on the wall or have their stands. In limited shapes, you want to introduce kitchen cabinets with mirrored doors so that you can create an illusion of extended space. Therefore, you should consider installing kitchen cabinets that have mirrored doors so that you can enjoy the elegance and uniqueness of the space. Selecting the right type of reflective mirror should also be put into account. Avoid buying poorly reflective glass mirrors so that you will maintain a unique and attractive look for your kitchen décor.

Mirrored Dressing Table

The dressing table is where you spend your every morning applying makeup or dressing up. You have to check yourself b to ensure you look attractive continually. You could have vanity mirror in your bathroom, but adding a mirrored dressing table in your bedroom could do the magic to your interior. The sides of the dressing table are fixed with highly reflective mirrors. When you sit in front of the desk, your whole body is reflected, and you can comfortably view yourself as you dress. This design of furniture makes your dressing table look classy and elegant. The size of the table should, however, be sizeable to avoid causing any forms of distractions within your bedroom. You do not want a situation where you added an oversized table that constantly conflicts with other accessories or flow of things in the bedroom. Also, the glass mirror on the dressing table should be highly reflective so that you can see a clear image of yourself whenever you are dressing.

Mirrored Coffee Table

Coffee tables act as centerpieces in your living room or waiting room of your office. Making them look attractive and stunning can take your interior décor an extra mile. A coffee table may have a custom glass top that is fitted with a mirror. The mirror can be customized to suit the needs of the owner. Usually, with small rooms, you will need a small glass table that will cover a considerable amount of space. Having an oversize will not make your living room any better. Instead, it will look congested and unattractive. The coffee table should be placed at the center of the room with sufficient lighting landing on the custom glass table top. Also, an additional mirrored glass can be added below the top of the coffee table. This way, the lower mirror reflects anything that is above it. This will make your living room look unique. You may also place the second lower mirror at an angle and make it reflect on a piece of at on your walls.

Ultimately, you should consider maintaining your mirrored glass furniture in your home. It is through maintenance that they maintain their original look and last for a long time.