Best Natural Rugs for Dining Room

Natural Fiber rugs in the dining room are designed to be great materials. They provide an easy, relaxed and good vibes for space. The rugs have a high durable quality while their higher than usual durability makes them a charming choice for home owners to choose from a variety of rug designs and colors. With a large variety and designs available in the market, it becomes tougher sometimes to find the right kind of rug for your living or dining room. The best natural rugs for dining room are of many types but let us explore the four most common types to suit your ideal style.


Think About Your Needs First

Primarily, it is important to think about your needs first and then decide how to use or buy a rug in the dining room. Many homes have young kids who jump around and play a lot on the rugs, this can significantly affect the condition of the rug. Determine whether the room was high traffic or low traffic; these traffic areas include the family rooms, dining rooms and hallways, and not to forget the kitchen.  Rugs that are durable and stain-resistant are best for these spaces.

High Traffic Rooms

There are many rooms in your house which are high traffic, these include family rooms, dining rooms, hallways, foyer and kitchen. A wise solution is to use the rugs which are stain free in these places.

Medium Traffic Rooms

The medium traffic rooms get regular use because a high to medium traffic level is expected there. These may include the home office or the dining room


Low Traffic Rooms

The low traffic rooms include the spaces like bedrooms, formal living rooms as well as the guest rooms. If you put the rugs in these rooms, they will get the least wear and tear. These rooms will fit the lighter colors and softer materials, because there is no hazard of high traffic in these rooms.

  1. Jute

Jute rugs are cool comprises of imperfect texture and add a lot of beauty to the room. Because they don’t come from the plant leaves, they come from the plant stalk.

  1. Sisal

Sisal is made of Sisal Ana plant which is found in ample quantity in Mexico, Brazil and Africa. Like jute, sisal can be dyed and comes in a range of earthy hues.

  1. Sea Grass

Sea grass is grown in the marshes and is incredibly water resistant rug. That makes it extremely durable as well to use in the dining room or kitchen. They can also serve as a décor in the bathroom or kitchens, homeowners seeking an eco-friendly choice may use the Sea Grass rugs permanently.

  1. Hemp

For thousand soft years, the Hemp has been used to manufacture rugs and fabrics. It is not like the Sea Grass but it is extremely durable and it can be dyed into various patterns. The only con of having Hemp rugs is that you may expect some shedding from the Hemp Rugs.