The Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

The lamps for a living room serve as a blessing where they add value to the room and provide direct light to the room when you need it the most. Picking up the best floor lamps for living room can be a difficult task when you don’t have much experience; you need one that suit your needs. It offers versatility in the dimmer settings and without much intervention; if you grew up in times where the floor lamps are more popular, then you may have a few memories of the old ones. Floor lamps often give you the exciting memories of the childhood.

The good news is that the modern sleek floor lamps are not like the old floor lamps that got you grounded by your parents in the old times. Now the most contemporary designs of floor lamps contain the parts that are more charming in design, this type of lighting is not only pleasing but also cost effective.


How to Choose a Floor Lamp: Ideas

Most home owners do not know how to use a floor lamp, that is the reason they cannot get a better idea of the process to understand it and how to use it. The fact is that floor lamps are available in a myriad of designs and come with the most beautiful options to add glow of lightening to your rooms. Let us consider various aspects of the lamps including the height, base, finish and lamp shade etc. if you understand how to use a floor lamp, because you cannot use it unless you know which one is the best product for you for your specific needs.

As we already know that the floor lamps come in a large variety of brands and style options. But that depends on where the person using the floor lamp is going to sit or lay down if you want to place them at the right height. So if you want to use the floor lamps for the people who are sitting on a couch or sofa, or someone who is sitting down on the carpet, their needs is to light up the area of the entire room. Do you have tall ceilings in your rooms or low ceilings? You need to consider a lot of things to choose the right height of the floor lamp. If you buy a short floor lamp, that won’t suit the needs of a room and not look great in a room with high ceilings.

Now considering the base as the requirement, the base of the floor lamp also plays a crucial role in selecting the lamp and its sturdiness.  A lamp with a wide base will be more difficult to tip over than one with a small base. The bases of lamps are available in wood, ceramic and glass.

The finish on the lamps is usually carries through the pole that means that all the contemporary styled lamps created glow that spreads light in the room. With a custom lampshade, you can add the style and color with the lampshade. The lamp shade also helps to cut short a little bit the intensity of the light, it helps to shade your eyes off the bulb of the lamp.  Different materials will allow different intensities of light to be visible through the lamp shade.


Talking About the Floor Lamp Designs

Floor lamps provide a lot of benefits in addition to providing the light. They are not about lighting only, they are about the style and beauty as well. Floor lamps are about style and décor, they provide a great definition of décor to a nice cozy living room or study room; let us discuss a few designs of floor lamps you can choose from.

Classic Floor Lamp

The classic floor lamp has a single fixture, the classic or console floor lamp has a single fixture directly above the pole, this type of floor lamp is also the most common one to suit the needs of home. The classic or console floor lamp has a single fixture directly above the pole.


Adjustable or Arch Floor lamp

An adjustable or arch floor lamp also comes with the floor lamp that has a curved pole which allows the light from a specific area to directly enter the room. For example, you might place the arch lamp behind a sofa or a chair, it provides a good source directed towards an object. The beauty of the adjustable lamps is that they allow you to direct the light to a focused area in the room and also provide a light source that is direct. Some lamps have another feature to allow people to adjust the position of the angle of the arch.