Different Ways of Installing Laminate Wood Flooring

Time has changed the world. If we will look back a century ago then we will see a lot of difference in todays lifestyle and that time’s lifestyle. Laminate wood flooring is also an improvement in lifestyle. Laminated flooring is not so much old. Even two decades ago, no one was aware of it. In the mid of 1990’s when for the first time the plastic laminate flooring was introduced to the US market, it was little more than curiosity. But now in a small span of time i:e less than 2 decades, it has gained fame and it is due to its durability and affordability and stylishness. It is now the fastest growing flooring in the market. One can cover a large area with the laminate flooring because it is an easy and inexpensive way. It is very simple to install the laminate wood flooring and one can do it by himself. So, there is no need of any labourer.

There are some important tips which I am going to share with you for installing the laminate wood flooring. You will definitely like different ways of installing laminate wood flooring.

  • The hard-shell knee pads you wear for roofing and landscaping are not the knee pads you should wear to install a floor.
  • Make sure to not use the hard-shell knee pads which are popular for roofing and landscaping. The reason behind it is that these hard knee pads can harm the flooring by leaving some scratches there. So the best knee pads for flooring are those which are very light and have soft foam or cloth inside or Gel-filled pads.
  • Use the tape that’s recommended by the underlayment manufacturer, or buy an underlayment that has built-in seam tape.
  • Make sure the floor of the room where you are going to install flooring is smooth and even.
  • If there is need of cutting the laminated flooring, then use the laminate shear.
  • You can start the installation from the doorways.
  • You can use a tapping block, but use a sacrificial scrap with it.
  • A transition strip lets you treat each room as a separate project. So use it.
  • Laminate floors expand and contract with variations in humidity and temperature. So keep some distance from the end wall.

Top methods for installing laminate wood flooring. Mostly two methods are in use for the installation of laminate wood flooring according to Joshua Clement. So have a look at both of them.

The one is to start the installation perpendicular from the wall and the other is from 45 degree angle from the corner of the wall. The most common way which people use for the installation is the perpendicular way. It is also one of the cheaper ways of installation because start in the corner and run to the other part of the room then the chances of number of wasted pieces will be less.

The second method which is to start with the 45 degree angle, however looks good but will be more costly because you have to cut the pieces to get them arranged in 45 degree angle. So, the number of wasted pieces of wooden flooring will be high. So the choice is completely yours.