Homemade Natural bathroom cleaning To Remove Soap Scum

Most women hate soap scum, it becomes a paramount task to clean the soap scum as a part of chore. It is usual to imagine how many chemical odors are likely to preserve on the soap scum. If you are tired to trying the traditional methods and want to remove soap scum more conveniently, then try homemade natural bathroom cleaning alternatives to help you better solve your problem. Scum can be dirty and dangerous on any item in the bathroom, a handy homemade shower spray cleaner can blow your blues away in few minutes.

Let us go through some fabulous homemade shower cleaner here, naming them as shower cleaners they don’t clean anything else. They are equally good to clean the tub and basin as well. The following natural recipe works very well to save you from toxic chemicals.

Make Shower Cleaner with Vinegar

For cleaning the soap scum from the shower, the homemade shower cleaner is a way to go for providing the best cleaning. Take the following things and start making the most useful product on planet to battle with soap scum:

  • One cup of distilled white vinegar
  • One tablespoon of dish soap
  • 1/4 teaspoon tea tree essential oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil

Natural Shower Cleaner Homemade

For daily usage, the housewives and homeowners can make the following product naturally which is very effective for cleaning soap scums on shower. Make sure you have the list of items complete:

  • Half cup of rubbing alcohol
  • Half teaspoon full liquid for dishwashing
  • Two teaspoon liquid jet dry
  • Three cups of clean water

The homemade natural shower cleaning recipe is easy to make and benefit from for women, it helps them to get rid of wiping daily and no scrubbing needed as well. The recipe creates a wonderful cleaner which means you will need large empty spray bottles to use and store them.

Hydrogen peroxide is used on recipe while rubbing the alcohol helps to disintegrate germs and bacteria. It does the job for you evening the hard water by making the surface of shower shiny and bright. Often women complain about hard water stain that are very difficult to remove, scrubbing is what they hate the most. Fiberglass and shower heads have stains that you can remove easily with our cleaner.

Easy to Use Home Shower Cleaner Spray

Now that your shower spray is prepared and available for use to eliminate soap scum on showers and tubs, all you have to do now is to mix all the ingredients well in the spray bottle with care before using it. Spray down the shower surfaces after using the shower for the last time in the day or night, and go to bed tension free. It was easy to make and use, now is the time to reap the benefits of your labor.

Repeat the same process on daily basis for better cleaning results and healthy shower heads and bathroom tubs. Never worry about the tough stains or scum, applying this mixture is going to be a fresher for you.