How to Find a Great portable shower Spray For bathtub

Are you moving to a new apartment this season? Imagine if the new building is quite old and hot and the worst thing you can find is that there is no showerhead in the bathroom, you can have a horrible time in the tub and don’t know how to deal with this problem. The perfect solution for this issue is portable shower spray bathtub which you need to search for in the local market or over the internet. If there is no temporary hand held shower head in the new bathroom that is attached to the tub faucets, let us provide you guidance about that.

Coming Across the Wrong Products

So if you have been coming across the wrong products time and time again and buying from various websites that sell hard plastic faucets which work terribly in your bathroom, we suggest stop doing that practice. The shower spray for bathtub must be flexible and good enough to provide a good grip to help you enjoy the bath. So what is the best thing you can do for your bathroom in a few dollars expense?

IF you don’t know much about DIY, then it is not a good idea to get your feet wet and try to use an ineffective showerhead. There are many reasons why owners end up doing that, either the current showerhead is dirty or unclean of ugly; you may be trying to save the water with low flow variety.

Changing or installing a showerhead is a necessity at every home and everyone might have done it. A few tools are however needed to accomplish the goal. That includes a new showerhead, an adjustable wrench and a Teflon tape.

Remove the Broken or Old Showerhead

The first important thing to do before installing a new portable shower spray for bathtub is to uninstall or remove the existing broken or old showerhead from the bathroom. You don’t want the bathroom give you a gloomy feeling; give the broken shower a few clockwise turns and make the entire thing get loose. If you are taking a little time off, do not apply a lot of force to avoid any finger or hand pains.

If anything is related to plumbing, remain extra careful to apply the amount of pressure to loosen and tighten. Now remove the excessive materials when the old shower head is removed. There may be some excess material in the form of dirt and rubber gaskets, get a rag and remove all the residue and excess materials to be able to have a fresh start.

Use the Teflon tape now to wrap the threads of the pipe and apply a few layers to make things better. The tape is not sticky like you want it to be; just use your finger to smooth the tape out along the threads. The next step is to install the replacement head by using the right tools and tricks. Using the wrench is not a good idea.