Installation Instructions for Robern Towel Bars for Bathrooms

Grab the handy tools because now we are going to explore the installation of towel bars in your new elegant bathroom. The dream bathroom is always incomplete without the right towel bar, before jumping to the installation instructions and steps, let us look at the hardware required to make the job successful.

Hardware Tools Required

  • Painter’s tape
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • A screwdriver
  • A small flathead showerhead
  • A mini wrench

An optional yet useful tool is scissor to cut the various parts in the process.

Do the Preparation and Install

The preparation of installing a new towel bar by the top notch brand Robern is the first uninstall the old towel bar. There will be a little teeny tiny screw somewhere you need to look for, once found, and use the screwdriver to remove the screw.

Now comes the part for mounting the new towel Bar. Read the instruction manual to get a good insight into the product to make it a gem into your bathroom. Make the drill holes through the template brackets and put mounting plate by driving screws in the the pre-drilled holes. Now remove the towel bar from the packing and tighten its screw. Insert the towel bar into the first bracket and retract the set screw on the second mounting bracket.

Now tighten the set screw a little bit more and your towel bar is ready to be used. Get your hands on beautiful towels and hang them over the bar. The newly installed towel bar on the wall will look ever beautiful if it is installed with keeping in mind the safety rules. Stay tuned with the latest news in the area about the best handy towel colors and bring them home to hang them on the brilliant towel bar.

Know Before You Start Shopping

Now that we have successfully installed the shower bar, let us give you some hints on how to avoid the big mistakes during shopping a towel bar.

  • Before you shop, you are likely to require one pair of wall anchors.
  • If you have small or specific space or location in your bathroom to install the towel bar, then then cut the bar or get a small sized bar to accommodate easily.
  • Not every towel bar is meant to be a grab bar.
  • If needed, cut the towel bar and make sure that the cut ends are covered with a tape.
  • Use a stud finder to choose your location.
  • Do not install the towel bar at a low height, always choose an appropriate height to avoid the larger towels touching the bathroom floor.
  • A great idea is to match the height of towel bar with the height of vanity or sink.
  • Drywall anchors may seem like a daunting task, make sure your new towel bar do not fall off the wall by putting screws into the drywall and use gypsum powder.
  • According to the given instructions in the manual, insert the wall anchors into the holes.

That’s it! Your brand new gorgeous towel bar is ready to use.