How to Repair, Replace and Install Bathtub Shower Faucet Valve?

A bathroom is a collection of faucets, bathtubs and shower heads which are controlled and run by a system of valves and hardware. Often the faucet related problems are generated by the system of valves and handles which makes it inevitable to replace the faucet. It is not such a gut wrenching task to repair the faucet, but every bathroom has its own plumbing needs due to which the process may vary. If you are facing any trouble in your dream bathroom related to faucet or valves, then follow our expert instructions on solving this issue as soon as possible.

How to Replace the Faucet Valves

Bathtub shower faucet valve is not as difficult to install as you might think. But the difficulty will arise if you cannot find the valve that turns of the shower water supply for replacing or repairing the valve. In that case, you need to turn off the water supply of entire house; to make the water flow steady back again, you got to turn the water back on and force the air out of these pipes.

Single Hand Faucets

On single hand faucets, valves are cylindrical devices that use O-rings to control water flow. To fix the cartridge related problems, the easiest way is the replacement. The minimum time needed to perform that task is one hour, and it will hardly ever cost more than one hundred dollars.

The tools required for single handed faucet repair are a screwdriver, a flathead small screwdriver, pocketknife and a handle puller.

Once you got the right tools in your hand, do the following steps:

  • First and foremost, turn off the water valve in the bathroom.
  • Locate the setscrew under the handle at the front of the unit and remove screw.
  • Now remove the retainer clip with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Use piles to gently pull the cartridge.
  • Use the new cartridge and take the old one to the hardware store.
  • Install the new cartridge.
  • Reassemble your faucet by replacing the retaining clip and turn the water back to make sure your faucet does not leak.

Two Handed Faucets Repair or Replacement

To open and close the water lines, the seals are used by the two handled faucets valve to install a new system. Therefore you must install a new system to handle the functioning problems.

The time this process will take is maximum twenty minutes to one hour, depends on experience of homeowners or hired professionals the very same tools are required as we discussed in the case of one handed faucet repairs process; remove the screws and pull the faucet out. Use pliers to gently turn the stem counterclockwise.

Now remove the screw at the end of the stem and install a new washer. Now swap the O-ring out and make sure you put in a new ring. Now screw in your new stem and throw the old stem. That just about does it for you, now put the bonnet nut on the unit.