Myths and Advice Regarding Wide Wood Plank Flooring

Due to the wood flooring immensely popular in the market, the wide wood plank flooring is often ignored due to some reasons and myths. Several rumors speak that it is hard to install as well as costly as compared to wooden floors. Such misconceptions surround this type of flooring as it helps to shine some light on the gap between the reality and myth regarding wide wood flooring.

Let us turn your misconceptions into reality and help you decide about this purchase of this wood without misunderstanding.

What is True Wide Wood Flooring?

Due to the grand appearance and highly textured looks, the wide wood flooring is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. It is well suited for the beauty of your traditional home to reduce the darker impact and bring positivity into the house. Its shades are really great for developing the home in a modern contemporary style which look fabulous in a wide flooring.

Another advantage of the wide wood plank is that it provides fewer; it can be reduced in both directions in width and length.

Myth about the Humidity Window

One myth is that the wide plank flooring has a very narrow window as it can be installed in the moisture. People have misconception that the wide wood plank area is filled with drastic humidity and firmly checks the windows.

Wide Plank Window is a Humidity Window

One misconception that becomes a problem for the wide range of homeowners is that they think wide windows is a type of humidity window. Especially if you are living in the New York, the humidity level drops down to the level where where people may feel humid. Because the glue held below is firm, the top of the floor begins to dry cup. The owners had to wait until the humidity comes back to the floor. In Fact the humidity can help to make the purchase decisions and sanding would be a rare event. Humidity stability is key. Hot, dry locales like Arizona work fine for wood flooring because humidity levels are stable.


Pre-Finished and Unfinished Plank Flooring

The fact is that from the last few years, the balance has shifted from unfinished flooring to prefinished flooring. From the point of view of homeowners, pre-finished flooring is the best method to provide the match made in heaven. This type of flooring has a hard shell that should be stripped chemically in the beginning and and want to refinish it.

Why it is possible to use Wide Plank Boards

Today we will tell you that what is the reason that can help the people to install the wide wood plank flooring and why do they fee limit benefits in installing them?

The truth is that anything over five inch is going to cup, and the cupping process is not dependent on the width and height of the wood. the most important thing that matters is the quality of wood that is installed. You should first give information about what part of the country the wood has grown. Wood grown in the South is good for wide floor planks.