Pros and Cons of Wood Laminate Flooring

The most elegant décor in the home is wood flooring; because of the natural appearance of wood flooring and its warm qualities, the laminate wood feels great beneath your feet in any building or floor. It is precious and timeless wood which provides the benefit of lower price as well as aesthetics to the most modern homes. New and modern homes can use the laminate wood and benefit from the lower price options it offers, and can still make their home look like an expensive home.

If you want a natural look of wood in your inexpensive home, then let’s have a look at some wood laminate flooring pros cons in your home. Have a glance at how laminate wood can add more value to your home.


  • The biggest advantage of having the laminate wood flooring at your home is that it provides a greater price benefit to the homeowners. Anyone can afford it from miles apart because it offers the rate of $2 per square feet to determine your cost. The fact is that laminate wood floor is made of composite wood pressed together at higher temperatures. These materials are much cheaper in the market and its cost is 50% lower than the hardwood flooring. This makes it a super cheap option to install.
  • For bearing a lot of load and high traffic at home, the laminate wood provides the benefit over the hardwood flooring that is more susceptible to scratching and gets easily damaged by the moisture and traffic.
  • Laminate wood is easy to clean; that means you don’t need to rub it like hardwood and make a lot of effort to wear and tear the installed product.


As we know that flooring is something that is a significant component of your home that requires refining and perfection, therefore it needs to be repaired at some point, early or later. Even though the disadvantages of laminate flooring are a few, it has some weaknesses that are worth mentioning here.

  • Even though it is not hard to clean, it provides some difficulty to the owners if they do not wash or clean it regularly. The pets cannot easily damage it, but having pets like rabbits with sharp teeth can make your floor imperfect over time with regular biting.
  • The biggest con of having a laminate flooring is to repair it which is not a simple business for the home owners or the repair team. Because it comes in the individual pieces and snaps together, it does not clean or repair easily. You may be able to replace the individual boards but depending on the age of laminate floor and the amount of sunlight that it tolerate, it is wise to replace the individual boards. The new pieces may not match properly. This is where the hard wood comes into play; which can be easily repaired by the sanding and provides an edge over the laminate flooring that is difficult to repair in the long run.
  • Laminate flooring may not last for too many years if not taken care of.